Course category: BIM

BIM Collaborate Pro

The core topics for working with BIM Collaborate Pro are covered in this instructor-led course, spanning over one day.

BIM Terminology

This course will discuss the terminology required to understand BIM in a global context, with specific reference to the terms

BIM Fundamental Concepts

BIM Fundamentals is a 1-hour course that will provide you with the key information required to support all stages of

BIM Functions and Roles

This course will address how roles and responsibilities, which align to BIM, can be procured and appointed on a BIM

BIM During an Asset Lifecyle

This course will describe the importance of BIM during the asset lifecycle phase of a built asset. BIM as a

BIM Dimensions and Documents

BIM Dimensions and Documents addresses how BIM documents should be managed and used across a project, as well as the

BIM and ISO 19650 Summarized

This course is a summary of the application of ISO 19650, the global BIM standard developed to support the global

BIM and Collaborative Working

The following course will explain and document how the principles of collaborative working can support BIM and its related processes.

BIM and Building Contracts

This course will discuss how the commercial nature of a project is ultimately affected when BIM becomes part of the


Ubah Bisnis Anda Sekarang Dengan Interscale!

Hubungi salah satu profesional TI kami untuk memberikan solusi TI yang dibutuhkan bisnis Anda.

Tingkatkan ketrampilan Anda dengan pelatihan BIM dan AutoCAD terbaik dan bersertifikat Internasional