3DS Max Foundation


Apa yang akan Anda Pelajari

The fundamental concepts for using Autodesk 3DS Max are covered in this instructor-led course, spanning over two days. The course investigates the depth of rendering, animation, and visualization.

This course enables students to experiment with the mechanics of render materials, maps, lights, atmospheric effects, and limited animation, to create photo realistic production. Students will understand how the interface works and how to set up our scene to communicate our design intent.

Relevant workflows and importing of geometry will be shown, as well as learning about the different types of geometry we can work with. Lastly, we will set up cameras, lights, and materials to render our scenes for both still images and animations.

Pre-requisite: This course is designed for users interested with the topic of Visualization.

• A high level of computer literacy is expected, as well as a sound knowledge of workflows used within other rendering workflows (AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Navisworks)

• A passion for photography or filming is very beneficial.

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Enrolled: 218 students
Duration: TBA
Level: Beginner
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